We’ve got two weeks left in Orbital Boot Camp, and it’s been a really wonderful summer.

As the Boot Camp is primarily an educational program, the final output is a talk on lessons learned rather than a demo day.

There are over 20 students in the boot camp, so we’ve scheduled our final talks over two nights in order to ensure adequate air time for each student.  Each student will have 5 minutes and one slide to share, and we’ll go back-to-back.  The Boot Camp team will be doing talks as well.

Talks are open to the public, and we’d like to invite you all to attend.

Space is limited, so please RSVP:

If you are free both evenings, I would encourage you to come to both as the projects are all quite diverse.  We’ve set a limited number of pay-what-you-want tickets, and all proceeds will go towards paying for food and drink for the evening.

For a glimpse at what the students have learned so far, here’s a link to our blog.

Hope to see you!

Work on Being Wrong

People commonly dream of being successful, largely so we can be right about something. We want to say “I told you so”. We want to show the world how we had the right idea all along.

Here are a few reasons I think you should plan on being wrong from time to time:

1. If you’re working hard and still coming up wrong about things, you’ve likely placed yourself around others who are more seasoned and skilled than you are. There’s never a bad time to learn and be mentored by others who are better than you. 

2. When you work in groups and you open up for letting others be right, you’re giving them an opportunity to make something great. People love working around those who empower their creativity. Being wrong can be wonderful for team building. Let everyone put their stamp on a project. Let others be right and they’ll follow your lead. 

3. Often, when you think you are right, you stop searching for new ideas. You stop asking questions and opening up to solutions you don’t even realize exist. Insisting on being right frequently means stunted growth.

Swallow your pride and be wrong from time to time for the good of your work.